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Noviclick Stats API

In this documentation we will provide you with the information and examples that you need to use our API


When querying the stats API there are two methods to authenticate. If you do not authenticate a 401 Unauthorized response will be returned.

Method 1: You can pass the given credentials in the URL

You can pass the partner_id and partner_secret that were given to you by your account manager in the url for every request, this will authenticate you to retrieve your stats info

Method 2: You can set HTTP headers with the given credentials

> GET /api/stats HTTP/1.1

> Host:

> Connection: keep-alive

> partner-id: nummorum

> partner-secret: secret

> Accept: */*



You can use one or more of the following filters when querying our API.

  • country
  • feed
  • site_id
  • media_type (mainstream/adult)
  • device_type (mobile/tablet/desktop)
  • source_type (popunder/push/banner)
  • date_from (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • date_to (yyyy-mm-dd)

Filters are applied by adding them to the request url

To filter for only visits from Netherlands on 15th of january you would use the following query:


Ordering (sorting)

By default the API returns results ordered by visits. To sort the results in a differed order you add the order_by parameter to the url followed by the desired sort value. You can order on the following fields:

  • country
  • date
  • visits
  • cost



Grouping data (show)

By default the data is grouped and showed by date. To change this default grouping you can add the group_by parameter to the url. You can group on the following data:

  • date (default)
  • country
  • feed
  • site_id
  • media_type
  • device_type
  • source_type

A special feature off the group_by parameter is that it accepts multiple comma separated values. This comes in handy when you want to group data per country AND per feed or media_type AND device_type for example.